Art Project

I love scrapbooking. I have made scrapbooks for all of my family members. I can spend hours creating works of art out of my most cherished photographs. For my art project, I decided to try to create a small scrapbook digitally. Usually my scrapbooks are around 50 pages, but since this process is new to me, I decided to keep it short. Scrapbooking is very expensive, (I usually spend around $300-400 in paper, stickers, etc. for each book) so the beauty of digital scrapbooking is that it is FREE!

I used a program called Scrapbook Flair. The web site has a free program that you can download. After I downloaded the program, it was pretty easy to figure out how to use. I am not a genius when it comes to computer technology, but the program was very user friendly. I had never done a digital scrapbook and I didn’t know where to start. A Google search produced many results, and Scrapbook Flair seemed to have the most options and was free.  I highly recommend this program to either a beginner scrapbooker or for someone who has done it for years.  You can easily correct mistakes, and since you are using a digital copy of the photograph, there is no chance in permanently damaging the picture.  I might use the technology again in the future, but I am old-fashioned and I prefer scrapbooking using paper and scissors.

Just click on the page to see a larger version. All of the photographs were taken by Michelle and Andy Tullis from Tullis Photo (we own the copyright).

All twelve pages: © Stacy Wilwert, 2007, Wedding Scrapbook

CoverPage two of my scrapbookPage three of my scrapbookPage four of my scrapbookPage five of my scrapbookPage six of my scrapbookPage seven of my scrapbookPage eight of my scrapbookPage nine of my scrapbookPage ten of my scrapbookPage eleven of my scrapbookPage twelve of the scrapbook


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