The teach project was really difficult for me. First, I could not figure out something to teach! I’m just not that good when it comes to the internet. Once I saw the suggestion of selling things on Ebay, however, I knew I could teach this because I sell on Ebay all the time. Because I had to use technology that is new to me, I found this project harder than the Culture Site project. I’m very good at research- not so much at technology!

Using new technology in order to teach was the hardest for me. I did not want to make a video, (I’m too shy!) and I did not want to make a podcast. I decided to use the blog to make a step-by-step instruction manual because over the last several weeks, I’ve become comfortable with using the blog.

I am a visual learner. Therefore, I wanted to use visuals in order to explain the process. I thought that screen captures would be the best way to do this. Screen captures show the reader what to expect on the web page when they go to sell their own item. Screen captures, however, posed their own problem for me- I didn’t know how to do them! My mother-in-law told me the key to use, (Print Screen) but then I was on my own. In order to make the screen capture a proper size for the blog, I first had to copy it to a paint program, cut the excess, and then copy it to IrfanView (a free picture editing software) in order to get an appropriate size picture. Then I uploaded it to Photo Bucket because I had to have URL to post the picture on the blog. It was so time consuming! The process involved a whole lot of trial and error.

There are many websites that give tips on selling on Ebay, but not many for how to actually sell an item including the basics. Ebay does a good job of explaining how to sell an item on their web site. To see Ebay’s tutorial, click here. There is a British website called Tutor Online which also gives a tutorial of listing on Ebay.


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