Step by Step Instructions

1. In order to sell something on Ebay, you first need to register. After you have registered, you’re ready to sell! When you are on Ebay’s main page, there is a link on the upper right hand corner called “sell”. Start by clicking that. Below is a screen capture of what you will see. When you are ready to get started, you will click “Sell“.

Once you click on “sell”, you will see the following screen.

2. The easiest way to start the sell process is to click “Browse for categories.” Ebay will give you general categories that gradually get more specific. For the purpose of this module, we are going to sell a pair of women’s Old Navy jeans. Below is the screen capture for the process of choosing the category.

Click “Save and Continue.”

3. You are now ready to put down all of the important information about the item you are selling. Remember, we are “selling” a pair of women’s Old Navy jeans. For the purpose of the module, we will say they are new with tags, and are a size 10. Ebay gives you different areas to input information.
– The first area of information is “Title”. Give the pair of jeans a title that will catch a buyer’s attention. For the jeans, we could say “Adorable Old Navy jeans, size 10, brand new!”. Give important information in the title, but keep it short and simple because you are only allowed 55 characters.
– Next, you can give a subtitle. Subtitle’s cost $.50, so many sellers do not use this option.
– To finish, choose the style, size type, size, and condition of the item.
Below is a screen capture of what we just did.

4. It is important to have a picture of your item so the buyer can see exactly what they are getting. After you take the picture and upload it to your computer, you can upload to Ebay. Click on “Add Pictures.” Click “Browse” to find the file where your picture is located, and upload it. After your picture is uploaded, you will want to click “Gallery Picture.” This allows your picture to show up when buyers search for products. Below is a screen capture of what we just did.

5. After you upload your picture, you need to enter a detailed description of your item. Make sure you mention all of the important information about your item. This may be style, brand, measurements, etc. Ebay allows you to adjust your font and size to make it look nicer. Below is a screen capture of a description of the jeans.

Ebay also lets you choose themes and layout designs to make your page nicer.

6. Next, you need to choose prices for your item, which payment methods you will accept, and shipment methods. You can choose your starting price, “buy it now” price, and reserve price. The starting price is the minimum price the item starts at. “Buy it now” is a price that a person can pass the bidding and just purchase the item right away. A reserve price is a predetermined price that an object much reach before it can be sold. You set this price.

You get to choose how you get paid for the item. You can accept money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, cash, credit cards, or a service like PayPal. I prefer PayPal. It is a safe way to exchange money. Although there is a small fee for the seller (no fee for the buyer), it is worth to prevent identity theft.

You get to set your own shipping costs and choose the shipping method. Make sure you remember to include shipping material costs. Ebay allows you to produce shipping labels online through PayPal for UPS and the United States Postal Service. You can also choose whether or not to ship internationally. If you choose to ship internationally, keep in mind the extra shipping costs, customs limitations, and extra forms you might need.

At this point, you have the option of accepting returns, and you can set the limitations for them. Once you are finished, click “Save and Continue.”

7. You are almost finished! Once you click “Save and Continue,” you can make last minute changes to your listing. Ebay offers selling suggestions to your current listing. You are also shown the cost of the listing. Review the listing, and if you are happy with it, click “List Your Item.”

Congratulations! Your item is now for sale on Ebay!

Questions? Visit Ebay’s Help page.


Ebay charges only the seller a fee. There is no fee for the buyer. The fees are based on many different things, including the sale price. For the complete explanation of how ebay charges, click here.

PayPal is also free for the buyer, but there is a fee for the seller. PayPal will generally take between 2-3% of the amount of money that is transferred between the buyer and the seller, but circumstances vary. For their full list of fees, click here.

Tips for selling on Ebay:

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are selling an item.  Try not to make the shipping costs too outrageous.  If the person can just go to the store and buy the item for less than what the sale price is plus shipping, they probably won’t bid on your item.

Also, returns attract buyers.  Having a return policy shows the buyer that you have confidence in the items you are selling.  The typical return policy is money back, minus shipping costs, if the item is not exactly how the seller presented it.

Be as detailed as possible in your descriptions.  The more buyers know, the more confidence they have in purchasing your item.

Always check your messages.  Buyers will ask you questions about an item and you do not want to wait to long before you respond because the auctions are limited on time.


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